Seycove Secondary Parents

PACs play a vital role in schools and local communities, encouraging parent involvement in schools and assisting parents/guardians in supporting their children as students and members of the school community. All parents/guardians in a school community are members of the PAC. PACs have a responsibility to keep member-parents/guardians informed of their activities and initiatives.

The PAC will be establishing an email list for PAC purposes only. This is in accordance with the guidelines provided in the “NVPAC Communications Guidelines for PACs” developed by the NVPAC and School District Administration. This document may be accessed at Along with suggested procedures for setting up and managing the PAC email network and directory, this document includes guidelines with respect to maintaining privacy, the frequency of communication, and ensuring that only appropriate school community content is distributed through these means.

This consent form is good for the current school year only and your renewed consent will be sought annually at the beginning of each school year. PAC volunteers including the executive, event volunteers and class representative(s) will have access to this contact information.

If you have any concerns regarding accuracy, the use of, or the safe storage of the data the master list will be maintained by the PAC Chair or designate.

Emails will be used to keep parent/guardians up-to-date on local classroom, school, PAC and NVPAC sponsored activities and on matters affecting our broader educational community. Your email address will NOT be published but will be used to dispatch information through a PAC email fan-out structure within our school. If at any time you wish to opt out of receiving emails please change your election options or unsubscribe.

Thank you for staying engaged with the Seycove Secondary Community!
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